Geo IP Filtering - A Necessary

Layer of Security

What is Geo IP Filtering

What it is and how new advances have changed the network security paradigm. 


Geo-IP filtering is a network security tool that allows or denies network traffic based on geographical location.  Sometimes referred to as country filtering or blocking, Geo-IP filtering allows your network to choose places in the world from which it will accept network traffic. More importantly, innovative designs in Geo-IP Filtering enable new and unparalleled levels of precision that allow businesses to prevent access to and from high risk geographical areas without excluding potentially valuable customers or business.

The importance of harnessing the power of Geo-IP filtering as part of a comprehensive security system seems obvious when one considers the massive volume of cyber-attacks that threaten networks on a daily basis.  However, many network security specialists are reluctant to implement such a system.  This probably stems from past experience that individuals may have had with such systems.

Frank Trama President & Co-Founder, Viper Network Systems said, “ No matter what industry, the fact is a good percentage of the traffic your security is dealing with is unnecessary.

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